4 Tips to Becoming a Better Communicator


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On Wednesday, September 19, Weber Shandwick hosted BPRS Chicago members in a private event as four subject experts from BPRS Chicago and Weber Shandwick shared tips and strategies used by communicators at the top of their game.  The rotating 20 minute roundtable sessions – speed dating style – gave members an opportunity to get insights from several areas in one evening, at one event.

Roundtable discussions included:

4 Tips To Better Multicultural Marketing – Black consumers can be very brand loyal. But how do you keep that loyalty at a time when everyone has greater ability to research brands and make comparisons? What PR programs remain relevant to reaching multicultural consumers? David Rudd, a BPRS board member and vice president with The Axis Agency/Weber Shandwick, will give you some tips for effective multicultural marketing and PR.

4 Tips To Better Media Coverage – Your client wants to be on Good Morning America and the cover of Us magazine.  But is that the right place for her? Where should she be to get the most impact? Media expert Michael Schiferl, an executive vice president with Weber Shandwick, will provide tips for landing coveted media placements.

4 Tips To Improving The SEO of Your Next Press Release – If you think Google Panda is a viral video about wildlife, or you pride yourself in the catchy headlines you write to grab a reader’s attention then you might need an SEO tune-up.  Raschanda Hall, BPRS board member and global media relations manager with Business Wire, will share some insight on ways to improve the search engine optimization of your next press release.

4 Tips To Positioning Your Clients as Experts – What are the strategies and tactics that you need to factor into any plan to position your client, or your boss, as a subject matter expert? Glenn Eden, a senior vice president with Weber Shandwick, will give you the four tips that will make you a trusted coach who can set the client up for success.

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