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BPRS Chicago Webinar: Content Creation That Drives Results

BPRS Chicago Webinar: Content Creation That Drives Results

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We invite you to register for our July 26th webinar on “Content Creation That Drives Results.”

If you are in PR or Marketing you’ve probably either asked or answered the question, “What’s your content strategy?” Where do you start? How do you cut through the volume of messages hurled at consumers daily? How do you make sure you are creating content that will engage your target audience and drive them to take action? If you have the magic touch for creating good content, you may still wonder how can you improve visibility and performance of that content across various platforms?

Our speakers will share their insights on how to create compelling content that helps you meet goals, strengthen your brand and build your business. You will also have a chance to ask your burning content creation questions during this one-hour webinar.

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Abby Harris (@alberlynne), Creative Consultant, BSIDE Agency
Mark Horvath (@hardlynormal), Founder, Invisible People
Serena Ehrlich (@serena), Director of Social and Evolving Media, Business Wire

Tuesday, July 26th, Noon CT
$20 for All Attendees

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