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BPRS Wants Your Help For An Upcoming Promotional Video

BPRS Wants Your Help For An Upcoming Promotional Video

We are excited to request your participation in our video to promote the National Black Public Relations Society #PowerPR Conference being held in Chicago this year!


Please record yourself with an Iphone or similar device with the following settings:

– Phone should be in horizontal landscape position vs. up and down
– Frame yourself from the waist up at 24sps, 1920×1080
– Provide final version in QuickTime Mp4 format

Start off each question by actually reading the question first. Pause before you answer the following:

1. How has BPRS helped you in your career?
2. What shifts in today’s PR landscape are keeping you up at night and what can NBPRS do to help you overcome this issue?
3. What do you hope to gain from attending the National Black Public Relation Society’s Conference this year?
4. What do you commit to doing after attending #PowerPR this Fall? Start each statement with “I will…”

Before sending, please be certain to check your sound level so folks who view this will be able to hear you!

Send your completed video to chicagobprs@gmail.com by 10/29/16.

A HUGE SHOUT OUT to Edelman Chicago and their video production team for their support in pulling this together.