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About Us

About BPRS Chicago

BPRS Chicago is a professional development organization focused on strengthening the communication skills of African-Americans and the career advancement opportunities they seek in the public relations industry. We bring together communicators who live and work in the Greater Chicago area to provide the continuous education they need to stay competitive, the peer-to-peer networking that fuels their passions for PR and the job placement opportunities they need to continue to feel challenged. Additionally, our mentoring, scholarships and alliance building is key to attracting and retaining the next generation of successful African-Americans who will study and practice public relations.

Founded in 1984 as a networking and professional development collective, BPRS Chicago is the founding chapter of the National Black Public Relations Society (NBPRS). Members of BPRS Chicago include corporate communicators, agency and independent public relations practitioners, public relation educators, nonprofits and government public information officers.

BPRS Chicago understands more than ever that people are turning to social media to make professional connections. Our social media outreach includes an active page on Facebook, our LinkedIn group and, of course, our website. Join the hundreds of African-American communications professionals who have found mentors, jobs and business partners through BPRS Chicago.