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NBPRS 2012 Conference Recap

Destination Global: How to Impact Audiences Around the World #nbprsconf #globalcomm

The National Black Public Relations Society hosted its annual conference in Washington, D.C. in October of 2012. The DESTINATION GLOBAL panel, organized by Tiasha Stevenson, featured Markeisha Marshall, Jetta Bates, Jamila Aisha Brown and Kiratiana Freelon.

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The women below combined forces to produce a panel that inspired PR professionals to take their careers and personal lives international.
Kinda late but shout out to Destination Global ladies of #nbprsconf @msmarkeisha @ @ The Dupont Circle Hotel
About Hue"All we want is a new kind of world. All we want is a world big enough to include all the different worlds".-Subcomandante Marcos. Hue in…
Jamila Aisha Brown is a social entrepreneur and rising academic scholar skilled in international relations as it relates to human rights, development, community empowerment, commerce, and government accountability. Her company HUE addresses socio-economic and socio-political issues through research and analysis.
Jetta Bates-VasilatosSEO SEARCH TERMS ABOUT THE INDEX FILE. Every image supports a title and short description. You can combine both a title and description…
Jetta Bates owns twist communications and has written travel and lifestyle pieces for Ebony, Essence, Second City Style and and HomeStyle magazine. Her clients have included Daewoo Automotive, The Embassy of France, Miller, and Tyson Foods.
Markeisha Marshall is a group manager at Weber Shandwick. She recently worked in Singapore for three months with the firm. She shared her insight on working abroad for a major PR firm.
Let a Black Girl Show You the WorldI originally wrote the post below, hoping that a major newspaper in Chicago would take it as an opinion piece right after the Olympic clo…
Kiratiana is a writer, and travel profession who has published two books: Kiratiana’s Travel Guide to Black Paris and Kiratiana’s Travel Guide to Multicultural London.

Check out some of the top tweets from the panel at the NBPRS conference!

John Edelman named globalization as a prediction for PR’s future. Perfect segue to the #GlobalComm session in Glover Park A #NBPRSConfT. Stevenson
All the talk of travel has me thinking: "Seek first to understand, then to be understood." – Steven Covey #nbprsconf #globalcommJeremy Marquard
The audience is full of ppl who are multi ethnic & passionate about international travel. #LovesIt #GlobalComm #NBPRSConfT. Stevenson
"it’s faith, not fear" — getting over the intimidation of international travel. @msmarkeisha #nbprsconf #globalcommBlack PR Society/ATL
#globalcomm panel talking abt managing stereotypes abroad. @jettaset says break perceptions & don’t internalize. #NBPRSconfJames S. Walker
This session underscores the msg we learned earlier "Learn how YOUR business makes money" & follow those stories. #GlobalComm #NBPRSConfT. Stevenson
Follow what is happening globally, polically to find where global opportunities. #NBPRSConf #GlobalCommT. Stevenson
"Build relationships with ppl b4 u travel so you have someone to integrate you into the culture" – @jettaset #NBPRSConf #GlobalCommT. Stevenson
Don’t wait for your employer to offer you a #globalcomm opportunity. Pitch your idea to them. #nbprsconfRaschanda Hall
Surprised that many #globalcomm panelists had the same exp. I had w/ Mongolia- few weeks notice & then taking off. #NBPRSconfJames S. Walker
The panelists @kiratiana @msmarkeisha @jettaset & @hueglobal put together a top 10 handout for conference goers #GlobalComm #NBPRSConfT. Stevenson
#globalcomm & social media coming in – Follow people in America AND abroad. We need to connect globally #NBPRSconfJames S. Walker
RT @tstevens312: ACDI Voca – Org that does paid service trips. Gotta look that up. #NBPRSConf #GlobalComm ( S. Walker
Share your interests, seek guidance from your mentors, be available/ready to go when the opportunity presents itself #GlobalComm #NBPRSConfT. Stevenson
All of the panelists use writing to promote for their businesses. It’s an important skill to have in order to work in global business.
Love the reinforcement of good writing skills in PR! The ability to write in a way to tap into emotion is a talent. #nbprsconf #globalcommPRecise Comm ATL
Key themes I see coming from the #globalcomm panel – Having cultural awareness, truly being able to write #PR #NBPRSconfJames S. Walker
Everyone on the #globalcomm panel had an early experience with #travel. #startearly #NBPRSconfJames S. Walker
"Personal branding is abt living your passion everyday outside of work, which opens opportunities in the workplace." #GlobalComm #NBPRSConfT. Stevenson
Panelist clients have included: Daewoo, BP, Wal-mart, GM, Nike, Gatorade and Unilever (WOW!) #NBPRSConf #GlobalCommT. Stevenson
When looking for countries to do business, check out Asia, all of Africa and Brazil especially!
The African continent is the future global commerce. Digital marketing is huge in East Africa and Kenya. #nbprsconf #globalcommBlack PR Society/ATL
Markets w/ great growth opportunity: Asia in general, Singapore and China, specifically for consumer brands. #GlobalComm #NBPRSConfT. Stevenson
Check the BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa show tremendous growth opportunities #GlobalComm #NBPRSConfT. Stevenson
ACDI Voca – Org that does paid service trip. Gotta look that up. #NBPRSConf #GlobalCommT. Stevenson
For more information on the Black Black Public Relations Society, check out the link below.

The National Black Public Relations Society | An Advocate for Black …Welcome to the National Black Public Relations Society. The National Black Public Relations Society (NBPRS) is the foremost organizatio…

4 Tips to Becoming a Better Communicator


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On Wednesday, September 19, Weber Shandwick hosted BPRS Chicago members in a private event as four subject experts from BPRS Chicago and Weber Shandwick shared tips and strategies used by communicators at the top of their game.  The rotating 20 minute roundtable sessions – speed dating style – gave members an opportunity to get insights from several areas in one evening, at one event.

Roundtable discussions included:

4 Tips To Better Multicultural Marketing – Black consumers can be very brand loyal. But how do you keep that loyalty at a time when everyone has greater ability to research brands and make comparisons? What PR programs remain relevant to reaching multicultural consumers? David Rudd, a BPRS board member and vice president with The Axis Agency/Weber Shandwick, will give you some tips for effective multicultural marketing and PR.

4 Tips To Better Media Coverage – Your client wants to be on Good Morning America and the cover of Us magazine.  But is that the right place for her? Where should she be to get the most impact? Media expert Michael Schiferl, an executive vice president with Weber Shandwick, will provide tips for landing coveted media placements.

4 Tips To Improving The SEO of Your Next Press Release – If you think Google Panda is a viral video about wildlife, or you pride yourself in the catchy headlines you write to grab a reader’s attention then you might need an SEO tune-up.  Raschanda Hall, BPRS board member and global media relations manager with Business Wire, will share some insight on ways to improve the search engine optimization of your next press release.

4 Tips To Positioning Your Clients as Experts – What are the strategies and tactics that you need to factor into any plan to position your client, or your boss, as a subject matter expert? Glenn Eden, a senior vice president with Weber Shandwick, will give you the four tips that will make you a trusted coach who can set the client up for success.

To submit ideas for more BPRS programming contact us at


2012 Summer Mood Swings

Thanks to all who joined the Black Public Relations Society of Chicago as we celebrated the close of our our favorite season at the annual Summer Mood Swings Networking Social.

Immediate Past President, David Rudd took a moment from the networking to introduce the membership to new the new President of BPRS Chicago, Tiasha Stevenson. BPRS Chicago also recognized former board members Ron Childs and Donna Harris for many years of service and introduced the new treasurer of the board, Mamie Moore.

Also in attendance were Wynona Redmond, immediate past President of the National Black Public Relations Society; BPRS board members Jetta Bates, Raschanda Hall and Jerry Thomas;  longtimes BPRS members and supporters Tina Carroll Dugas from Bloom, Gross and Associates, Travis Kessel from Edelman and Peggy Austin from GoldStar Communications.  

BPRS would like to thank Michon Ellis, CEO/Managing Partner of LimeGreen –  an award-winning marketing and advertising agency – for sponsoring the event space.


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A Salute to Service – BPRS Honors Paul Davis

The Black Public Relations Society of Chicago held a tribute in honor of public relations professional extraordinaire Paul W. Davis. BPRS Chicago announced that the organization has renamed this year’s scholarship the Paul Davis Memorial Scholarship.

Paul Davis, who was a former president and a founding member of BPRS Chicago, passed away on Saturday, May 12th after succumbing to an illness. Mr. Davis was a PR legend in Chicago and beyond, was the founder, president and CEO of First Trace Communications. Davis’ career began as a spokesperson for Chicago’s first African-American mayor, Mayor Harold Washington, in 1983. Davis went on to work with Congressman Danny Davis, Alderman Robert Fioretti, Alderman Roderick Sawyer, Cook County Clerk Dorothy Brown and numerous other elected officials, business leaders and non-profit organizations.

Art Norman and Lynn Norment spoke on behalf of NABJ Chicago and told how NABJ has always enjoyed collaborating with Paul and BPRS on meetings and fundraisers. Paul’s mother, Mrs. Shirley Ann Davis, attended the BPRS’s tribute, which was held at Columbia College Chicago Gallery, 33 East Congress.

Also praising the man and his work were Wynona Redmond, president of the National Black Public Relations Society; David Rudd, president of Chicago BPRS, as well as David Smallwood, Raschanda Hall, Tiasha Stevenson, Midge Kimberly, Don Rashid, Jerry Thomas, Hope Daniels and representatives from Edelman and Paul’s family.

In addition, gospel artist Kim Stratton delivered an incredible vocal tribute to Paul. Others who attended include well-known BPRS members Joe Moore, Laurie Sanders, Deborah Douglas, Deborah Crable, Dionne Williams, Peggy Austin, and Redessa Harris

A Salute to Service - BPRS Honors Paul Davis

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BPRS Chicago Winter Networking Mixer

Leaps and Bounds: Network and Professional Growth in 2012

The Black Public Relations Society of Chicago got together at Izakaya Hapa for its winter networking mixer. Public relations professionals put down their smart phones and walked away from their tables for some realtime connecting face-to-face. While meeting new friends, we shared info on job openings, work-life balance and cutting edge industry trends. We welcomed professionals from Business Wire, Edelman, Flowers Communications, LimeGreen, Sears Holdings, Weber Shandwick and independent PR practitioners.

Winter Mixer

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