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Make Your Personal Brand a Success

Make Your Personal Brand a Success

by Concethia D. Campbell

No matter where you turn, there’s a brand. Doing laundry? Tide is a brand. Checking your email? Google is a brand. Grabbing a quick lunch? McDonald’s is… yep, you guessed it: a brand. A brand is a symbol, words, image, or a combination of all elements used to identify a product and differentiate it from competitors. Ultimately resting in the mind of the consumer, brands are unique. So unique, in fact, that a brand can also be an individual.

Oprah, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian…they’re all brands.

In present-day society, many individuals are restructuring their image and creating a strong brand personality to promote themselves in today’s market. With the emergence of social media, creating and growing a brand via online outlets is vital to success. If strategically crafted, one’s brand essence can truly elevate personal and professional growth. To promote successful personal branding, consider the following factors:
For starters, be authentic. Authenticity is key. Be yourself! Your true personality will shine through, and as a result, consumers will develop a level of trust and comfort within your brand.

Next, create your very own brand consumer value. Is your value determined by expertise in a certain subject? Is it your winning personality that will attract consumers to your brand? Design your identity. Determine what will bring originality and value to your personal brand. Doing so will convince your target audience to go after you. Similar to most product branding, success in personal branding can also be achieved positively. The best personal brands succeed at being real, true, and authentic. Be yourself!