May Program: Surviving The Early Years as an Independent PR Consultant

Wednesday, May 20th
Noon – 1:15 PM CT


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Launching your own business and surviving the early years as an independent PR or social media consultant is no easy task. Our panel participants represent varying lengths of experience. Whether you are thinking about starting your own firm, have recently started your own firm, or are tying to figure out how to expand your business there is something here for everyone.

Join us. Ask questions. Grow and learn.

Here are a few things we will discuss:

  • Things to do in the first six months
  • Best practices for pricing your services and getting paid
  • Managing cash flow(or the lack thereof ) and the sales cycle
  • Finding clients and dropping clients
  • When to hire, when to partner, and when to just say no
  • Resource favorites of successful PR independents

Wynona Redmond, President, Wyn-Wyn Communications

Alonzo Brown (@zotheshowhost)
President/CEO, GoodCompany

Tammy Belton-Davis (@tammyathena)
Principal Consultant, Athena Communications, LLC

Jerry Thomas (@jerrythomaspr)
Founder and President, Jerry Thomas Public Relations


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