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NBPRS 2012 Conference Recap

NBPRS 2012 Conference Recap

NBPRS Luncheon Keynote by Karen Taylor Bass #nbprsconf

PR professional Karen Taylor Bass keynoted the luncheon at the 2012 NBPRS conference in Washington, DC. In just 45 minutes she taught the attendees how to think like a rock star, market authenticity, network, and most importantly–how to reinvent themselves.

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She’s everything: a PR expert, a motivational speaker, an author, radio host and a brand new mommy. 
Karen Taylor Bass.comKAREN TAYLOR BASS has set the standard in providing public relations consulting, coaching and spirited motivational talks to entreprene…
Her biggest client was Jill Scott, who she worked with for seven years to build her into the megastar you see now. In order to land Scott as a client, she claimed her. A meeting in VIP at a NYC concert allow Bass to Bass to convince Scott to work with her. 
The @prexpert stalked Jill Scott for three months so that she could work with her. She claimed her as a client. #nbprsconfKiratiana
"As PR folk, we know how to use an opportunity" – Karen Taylor Bass @prexpert #creativity #determination #brandKisha Barton
Bass started with one question: So what is a brand? 
Your brand is the consistent experience you deliver. @TheBrandNewMom Karen Taylor Bass #nbprsconfBlack PR Society/ATL
Kisha Barton, @kbartonpr – President of #BPRSNY & Karen Taylor Bass, prexpert at the #NBPRSConf PR Society NY
Karen Taylor Bass just shouted out @elaynefluker’s Chic Rebellion at #nbprsconf Littlejohn
Killing it at #NBPRSconf> Karen Taylor Bass, author of best-selling e-book “You Want Caviar but Have … Bond


After seven years of working with Jill Scott and several record companies, Karen Taylor Bass was on top of the world. She had everything- money, house, clients- everything except husband and a family. Within seven years she reinvented herself from the megastar publicist, to a brand new mommy and PR expert. Reinvention was the biggest takeaway from the presentation. 
Reinvention doesn’t happen when you’re ready; it happens when it’s time. @TheBrandNewMom Karen Taylor BassBlack PR Society/ATL
Reinvention doesn’t happen b/c ur ready. It happens b/c it’s time. #NBPRSConfT. Stevenson
When you are re-inventing….you have to be yourself. Stop re-packaging! Be the Real You! @prexpert @BPRSNY #nbprsconfKisha Barton
REINVENTION does not happen when you say you are ready, it happens when it’s time for you to do something different. – @prexpert #nbprsconfKiratiana
Facing death will help you squeeze every ounce of vitality out of life. #lifeperspective #reinvention #nbprsconfJeremy Marquard

Karen Taylor Bass’ Nuggets of Career and PR Wisdom 

If people aren’t laughing at your dreams, your dreams are too small. Dream bigger, gargantuan dreams. #nbprsconfAmanda Littlejohn
People remember when you give them something they didn’t think about! @prexpert @BPRSNY #nbprsconfKisha Barton
You don’t always have to say something…to say something. Let your brand speak for you! @prexpert @BPRSNY #nbprsconfKisha Barton
Be authentic. Let people know the real you every time they meet you. #nbprsconfAmanda Littlejohn
Keep your pitch simple…leave room for conversation afterwards. @prexpert @BPRSNY #nbprsconf #pitch #brandKisha Barton
She wears a "hat" = wigs. & she just took it off to show her comfort with her own brand. @ @ @prexpert gone girl! #NBPRSConfT. Stevenson
Network is net worth – @prexpert #NBPRSConfJ.A.B.
When you end things, end them with integrity – Karen Taylor #NBPRSConfJ.A.B.
Mentorship is underscored again at the #NBPRSConf I love the consistent themes.T. Stevenson
When #rebranding don’t play it safe. Get uncomfortable. Think like a rock star. #nbprsconfAmanda Littlejohn
Make sure you’re marketable all the time, that great job you have today may not be there tomorrow @prexpert #nbprsconfRaschanda Hall
You are only as good as the people you know! #network #relationships @prexpert @BPRSNY #nbprsconfKisha Barton

The Audience Reaction 

The presentation by Karen Taylor Bass touched a nerve with many people in the room. 

Listening to my kindred spirit – for real. Karen Taylor Bass #nbprsconfJetta Bates
Killing it at #NBPRSconf> Karen Taylor Bass, author of best-selling e-book “You Want Caviar but Have … Bond
@prmaven17 @prexpert Amen spoken like a true ROCKSTAR #nbprsconfDarisha K. Miller
Hearing that my friend Karen Taylor Bass @prexpert aka @TheBrandNewMom is holding it down as a speaker for @NBPRS @ #NBPRSConf Love my KTB!Christopher

The Book: You Want Caviar But Only Have Money For Chitlins

@TheBrandANewMom signs her book: You Want Caviar But Only Have Money for Chitlins, after her #NBPRSConf speech Kelly
You Want Caviar But Have Money For Chitlins – Taylor Made …BEST SELLING eBOOK. NOW AVAILABLE in soft cover: YOU WANT CAVIAR, BUT HAVE MONEY FOR CHITLINS A Smart PR Guide for Those on a Budget …

Karen Taylor Bass and Chic Rebellion TV 

Since transitioning from being just a publicist, Bass is now a television host focusing on motherhood. You can check out her videos on Chic Rebellion TV. 

Malinda Williams on motherhood and more | Chic Rebellion
Brand: Mom S102 – Mommy Roundtable, Doulas and Babies after 40chicrebelliontv
Nice! We luv the love! “@Kiratiana: @chicrebellion is getting some love at the #nbprsconf. I just saw the press release about it this week!”chic rebellion
Karen Taylor Bass just shouted out @elaynefluker’s Chic Rebellion at #nbprsconf Littlejohn
National Black PR Society Don’t forget to check out the National Black PR Society 
The National Black Public Relations Society | An Advocate for Black …NBPRS – the foremost organization for African-American professional image makers and strategists.